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DIY Maintenance Guide for Tenants

Enhance your property maintenance skills with our informative maintenance video page. Our property management website offers a collection of engaging and instructional videos that cover a wide range of maintenance topics. From basic repairs and troubleshooting techniques to advanced maintenance tips, our videos provide valuable insights to help you effectively maintain your property.


Identifying and Resetting a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Resetting your Circuit Breaker and GFCI Outlets

Smoke Detector Chirping Fix and How to Change its Battery


Locating, Measuring and Replacing Your Furnace Filters

Furnace Not Working

Quick Fixes to Furnace not Blowing Hot Air

Replacing Your Thermostat Batteries


Replacing a Toilet Seat

Unclogging Your Toilet

Unclogging Your Sink

Fixing Slow Shower Drains

Fixing Low Flow Faucets

Fixing Garbage Disposal

Relighting Water Heater Pilot Light

Shutting Off Water to your Toilet

Shutting Off Water to your Sink

Turning Water On or Off at the Water Meter

Shutting Off Your Main Water

Cold Weather

DIY Outdoor Faucet Cover

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing


Replacing Fridge Filters

Fixing Your Gas Stove Not Igniting